Kingsoft Office 2010 Free 1 year license download

Kingsoft Office 2010 Free 1 year license download

If you’re worried about having to spend $279.99 buying a license key for Microsoft Office, the KingSoft Office 2010 is a good solution for you, especially when KingSoft was launched a huge offer, the opportunity for users to own promotional license key 1 year for this official software worth $69.95.

Kingsoft Office 2010 Free 1 year license download

About KingSoft Office 2010

KingSoft Office 2010 suite is compact (less than 60MB only) and faster than any similar product. Three essential and full featured office applications: Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Spreadsheets and Kingsoft Presentation are designed with the familiar Microsoft Office 2003 user interface and functionality. You will be surprised that many features work EXACTLY the same way as Microsoft Office. Switching from Microsoft Office to Kingsoft Office requires no re-training.

Key features

* Present your documents more easily: You will discover that Kingsoft Office 2010 can be easily used to create your ideal content by using familiar menus and toolbars in Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation and Kingsoft Spreadsheets.
* Communicate with your clients easily: Kingsoft Office 2010 can successfully open, read or edit documents in Microsoft formats and vice versa, effectively helping you boost business productivity.
* Supports various operating systems: Whether your computer is running on an old operating system or the latest Windows 7, Kingsoft Office 2010 runs on various operating systems smoothly without any worries.
* Built-in PDF export: You can convert your documents to PDF files with just a click of a button, saving cost and time.
* Compact file size, fast operation: Kingsoft Office 2010 occupies minimal hard disk memory (approximately 56MB), but runs just as effectively as any equivalent office software. It only requires an appromixate installation time of 3 minutes.
Kingsoft Office 2010 Free 1 year license download

How to own free license KingSoft Office 2010 for 1 year?

Just download KingSoft Office 2010 setup file and active this with the key code below:

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