Free PowerDesk Pro 7 Ultimate File Manager License Serial Code

Free PowerDesk Pro 7 Ultimate File Manager License Serial Code

PowerDesk ® Pro is a simple, fast and fun way to organize and manage files, digital photos, MP3 music files and web images on your PC. It’s convenient and it saves time! In just one, two or three clicks, you can customize your PC: move, copy, zip, label, color code, search, view, prioritize, convert, and use your files the way you want to use them. The lasted verion of this is PowerDesk Pro 8 and you have to spend $39.95 to get one license, but, if you want to save your money, you should try using the older version one- PowerDesk Pro 7 with free license serial code.

Features PowerDesk Pro

• Archive Manager allows you to use 30 popular compression formats.
• Powerful search files, include searching inside archives.
• Batch rename files.
• Adding comments to files, change folder icons and colors, but also the existence of a special panel with information about the file.
• Built-in FTP client.
• Built-in to view files.
• Built-in Hex Editor.
• Encrypt files using PowerDesk encryption or DES.
• Synchronize folders for easy sharing with other PC, with your laptop, or for backup.
• Complete removal of all traces of the file.
• Convert more than 30 types of graphic images from one format to another.
• Launch MP3 and other media files.
• Editor MP3 tags and playlists.
• Customizable toolbar.
• And much more.

How to grab Free PowerDesk Pro 7 License?

– Visit the promotion page and fill all fields requested, then click on “Proceed and receive your serial code” button.
– The web page will show you PowerDesk Pro 7 serial code and please note down.
– Download Powerdesk Pro 7 and install it.Enter in the serial code during running installation,then you having PowerDesk Pro 7 full version.

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