Free License Safe’n’Sec Personal comprehensive security solution Giveaway

Although born a long time ago but Safe’n’Sec is not well known names in the user community. Of course, there is still a great product. The reason is that they are not marketing their products more widely. Perhaps they have realized this, so, now they cooperate with Avanquest to offer and give away Safe’n’Sec Personal – the comprehensive security solution.

Free License Safe'n'Sec Personal comprehensive security solution Giveaway

About Safe’n’Sec Personal

Safe`n`Sec Personal is designed to work alongside Microsoft Security Essentials and other signature-based security software to provide comprehensive protection for your computer. Safe`n`Sec takes a completely different approach by keeping your system in a “known-good” state rather than identifying and neutralizing individual threats. This approach means you don’t need to rely on frequent updates to keep your PC malware-free and you don’t lose system performance to resource-intensive scanning activities.

Key features

Safe`n`Sec personal products are comprehensive software solutions, designed especially to provide information security for home PC and home offices.

Safe`n`Sec personal products safeguard confidentiality, integrity and availability in real-time.

Safe`n`Sec personal products provide proactive protection from known and unknown malicious software and Internet threats due to advanced technology of behavioral analysis and up-to-the-minute V.I.P.O (Valid Inside Permitted Operations) solution.

Safe`n`Sec personal products efficiently protect your privacy and Internet-activity against such risks as:

* Viruses, Internet worms, Trojan Horses – malicious programs corrupting or removing your data;
* Hacker attacks;
* Spyware – programs forwarding data from your computer to a third party without your consent or knowledge;
* Rootkits – programs obscuring the presence of intruders or malicious code on your PC;
* Keyloggers – monitoring programs that shadow your operations while working on PC;
* Illegal off-site control;
* Confidential data, passwords and credit-card numbers leakage;
* Exploits – executable codes caused faulty operations on your PC;
* Any software trying to install secretly on your PC

* Full-scale security of Safe`n`Sec personal products is guaranteed by unique proactive technology – behavioral analysis and V.I.P.O solution (Valid Inside Permitted Operations);
* Protect your data against all known malicious threats and unknown “zero-day” attacks;
* The real-time information safety is provided by the newest solution of flexible system privilege delimitation;
* Built-in personal firewall blocks all Internet-threats;
* Protective efficiency does not depend on updates and presence of antiviral software;
* Built-in antivirus scanner maximizes safety level on your PC;
* Accurate blocking of unknown malicious programmes without false triggering;
* The minimum enquiries to user while working;
* Choose between automatic and interactive operation mode;
* Unique self-education mode adjusts program to your working style and habits;
* Small-footpring of system resources and high speed of operation;
* User-friendly and intuitive interface;
* On-line technical support;
* Reasonably priced products

Grab free license Safe’n’Sec Personal worth $14.95

– Visit the Avanquest promotion page and fill all fileds requested.
– You will now receive an email containing the activation codes for the software.
– Download the setup file and active with this.

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