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Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2011 provides powerful protection that lets you email, surf, shop and bank online without worrying about cybercrime or slowing down your PC. NIS was ranked fourth in the toptenreviews rankings. And now, ING DIRECT has partnered with Symantec to bring you a special offer.

What’s NIS?

Norton AntiVirus 2011 is one of the best antivirus software for any user. More than just popularity, Norton delivers solid performance and protection. Norton AV 2011 has all the right features, innovative technology, and it’s easy to use. The software is easy on resources, and specifically engineered for optimal protection.

Whether you’re looking for one of the most powerful antivirus software, or simply need an easy to use security solution, Norton AntiVirus 2011 is a great way to go. We were very impressed with the overall performance and exciting new reputation-based approach.

NIS features:

The 2010 edition of Norton AntiVirus is feature-filled, but not at the expense of sacrificing speed and performance. Each feature works towards the ultimate goal of complete PC protection.

One great feature is the additional vulnerability protection that Norton provides. Since so many security threats infiltrate through specific “holes” in applications, browsers or the OS, Norton proactively helps you stay on top of the most recent patches and security updates.

Another really nice feature is the “Silent” gamer mode. When you’re in full screen mode (for a game, movie, or presentation), the last things you want are annoying popups or other programs to hog your PC resources. If you use the Silent Mode, you don’t have to worry about either. Furthermore, Norton AntiVirus is setup with a Smart Scheduler to automatically delay routine scans to only perform when your PC is idle (and you can adjust how long of idling is really “idle”).

If you’ve ever had a completely crashed computer, you know how important it is to have a bootable recovery disc available. Norton 2011 comes with a bootable recovery tool to effectively boot and fix a crashed PC.

Review from TopTenReviews

  • Streamlining our scanning and minimizing callbacks among components
  • Optimizing the file-access patterns
  • Enhancing the file-caching algorithms
  • Reducing the memory footprint
  • Applying dynamic configurations based on the specifications of systems

Download free OEM License Norton Internet Security 2011:

NIS 2011 is really worth of software for your computer system. It costs $ 39.95. But now, you can download free OEM license NIS 2011 to use within 90days. This is OEM license, so you can active without key!

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