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Portable Alien Skin Bokeh Revision 21043

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Portable Alien Skin Bokeh Revision 21043 | 34.1 MB
Alien Skin Bokeh – plug-in from the company Alien Skin Software for Adobe Photoshop and standalone program, designed to draw attention to a particular object in the photo. Using this supplement can be added to the image effect of depth of field, make a stand, or emphasize the main object of other available means. Feature of the plug-in that it accurately simulates the effect of blurring, which can be obtained using these lenses. Bokeh – the emphasis on the main site photos.

It is intended for designers, but very easy to handle and therefore available even to novices. Allow you to not buying expensive lenses, to achieve excellent blur effect.
Alien Skin Bokeh allow during post processing photos with the adjustment sliders to “manage” blur the background, set the diameter of the impact, depth, stiffness, aperture, focal length and distance shots. Since the plugin allows you to change these parameters during the postprocessing, that is already on the finished image, thus it can offset some of the disadvantages of digital cameras.

Allows real-time viewing the possible results when working with images, and in several modes.
Offers ready-made presets blur simulator lenses Canon ® EF 85mm f/1.2 II and the Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8, adding grain, spherical aberration, the photometric illumination (simulates the effects of shooting against the light source.)

A: Menu – located at the top of the working window, the title bar displays the selected setting
B: Navigation
C: Zoom buttons and moving
D: The buttons to control zoom in the preview window
E: Separation of the window – this option allows you to divide the working area in half to see the result of converting the image and at the same time its original version.
F: Configurator Help
G: UpToDate message indicator
If you see this visual cue, you have a message from Alien Skin Software, as a rule, the announcement of new products, new products, or the monthly newsletter.
H: Change the size of the filter window to make the area more or less than the preview.
I: Tips – In this line you will get a short description of the area where the mouse cursor.
J: Template tab, presets, settings – this list is already predefined options, you can quickly select the configuration or one of the previously saved custom settings.
K: OK and Cancel
L: Right-clicking (holding) in the preview you can see the options for scaling.
M: This control appears on the image in the preview window, and allows you to adjust the form of focus, or vignettes.

• New: Speed! Increased processing speed through support for multicore and multiprocessor PC.
• New: Creative Lens Optics. Bokeh 2 provides simulation capabilities of many lenses, including simulated motion, as on a specialized optics with shift and tilt.
• New: Real-time Preview. In Bokeh 2 super-fast user interface that gives you real-time preview any parameter changes.
• New: Multiple Regions. Bokeh allows you to combine multiple radial and planar shapes for more control over the area of focus.
• New: Grain Matching .. When Bokeh is applied to the grainy photo, blurring process will remove the existing grain structure of the image or add the missing grain.
• New: Vignette Enhancements .. In addition to the effect of darkening with vignetting, Bokeh and provide clarification (discoloration), to remove color in the vignette.
• New: Settings Enhancements. Advanced settings. In Bokeh includes a host of new factory presets to quickly get excellent results. These presets are grouped in categories and you can combine presets from different groups to create your own customized effects.
• New: Support for Lightroom and Photoshop 64-bit. Bokeh 2 began to work as a plugin for Lightroom and requires ustanovlenlennogo Photoshop. Bokeh 2 will also work on 64 bit Photoshop for Windows and Macintosh platforms.
• Realistic Depth-Of-Field Simulation. Realistic simulation of depth of field.
• Creative Aperture. Allows you to create shapes such as stars and hearts …

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